Don’t get Fooled by the Website Fairy Tale

Don’t get Fooled by the Website Fairy Tale

Don’t get fooled by the website fairy tale. There are dozens of ways that dishonest internet companies take your money and leave you without lasting results. It’s usually by providing you with tools and services you don’t currently need.

A method they may use is the “Free Trial” website builder.

You know you’ve seen the Facebook, internet, and TV commercials. These are often well-known companies that are legitimate, but simply do not have your best interests at heart.

They tell you that you can use their quick and easy website builder to build a successful “professional” website, right now, yourself.

This does NOT work… EVER.

There are fairy tales, and there’s Reality.

You see every day the fake marketers selling fairy tales and most people get caught up in the story.

They paint a fairy tale land were fountains spew expensive cars and huge mansions. Unicorns fly over rainbows and magically transport money to your bank account while you sleep on candy beaches with personal butlers serving your every whim.

All you must do to live in this fairy tale land is spend all your money on a magic button and you’ll be rich in a few months.

In reality, when you spend all your money on a magic button, you lose all your money.

When you first develop your business, the website is not the first thing you do. A lot of research and development is needed before you think about creating your website.

You need market research, demographic research, brand development, etc. After this gets done, the online tasks can start. i.e. keyword research, page design, social media planning, etc.

These items combined tell you how the website should look, what it needs to say, how it should connect to Social Media and more. All these things must get done before you create the website.

The idea that you can slap a basic or template-driven website up online and expect it to return business/revenue is ridiculous. The “fairy tale” business promoters know that, but they don’t care.

Keep in mind that internet business is retail business, and it operates with the same core principles online as it does in the physical world. So, let’s connect this idea to the physical world.

Have you ever heard of any successful person renting or building a store and just throwing a bunch of products or services in to see what sells?

Of course not. That would be idiotic. In the real world, there is a great deal of research done (or should be) before anybody ever opens an actual storefront.

It is absolutely no different online. The success of a product line or business is determined by detailed market research long before you ever build a website.

We’ve been running and helping companies for the last 19 years and we can help you. We will only tell you the truth, and only the truth. It may not be as pretty as a fairy tale, but if you want to attract new customers and make money online, you can’t do it by using businesses who mislead for money.

Let us help with all your online tasks and avoid the website fairy tale

After you have done your market and demographic research and or you already have a business then give us a call 919-285-1592. We can help with all the necessary online tasks for a successful business. Branding, website design, SEO, keyword research, social media integration etc.

We will not spin a website fairy tale. See you on the HONEST side of internet business!